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Purpose of the Town Manager's Office

The Town Manager serves as the chief administrative officer of the Town and provides administrative guidance to the Town Council for the administration of all affairs of the Town with only those exceptions specified in the Town Charter. The Town Manager's office oversees all community functions and services by directing, motivating, and providing leadership to the various departments of the  Town.  The Town Manager and Executive Team serve as liaisons between the Town Council, residents, and staff, in order to:

  • better serve our community by providing exceptional customer service and promoting lasting success
  • communicate and accomplish Town Council policies and initiatives
  • cultivate a strong and dynamic future for Prosper

Town Manager's responsibilities are to:

  • Oversee budget development and administer the annual budget and capital improvement projects adopted by the Town Council
  • Insure internal controls are in place and coordinate existing programs to include analysis of organizational needs and methods
  • Direct the daily operations of Town services and function
  • Provide communication with residents, customers, and staff through the media outlets established
  • Provide outstanding customer service through a highly qualified work force

Town Secretary Responsibilities

The Town Secretary assists with a variety of functions related to Public Services, including Public Information Requests, preparation of Council Agendas and Packets, Minutes, Ordinances, Resolutions, Contracts, serves as the Elections Administrator, administers Oath of Office & Statements, maintains the Town Seal, and manages Towns Records procedures.

Important Links
Town Charter
Code of Ordinances

Public Information Request Form
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